We are CLOSED!!!

Our last ever show was held on Saturday the 17th of March at 5pm.


We will not be back next year.


We wish to thank all our visitors for coming, we hope you enjoyed the shows as much as we did :).

Our vision

Jenny (saker falcon)
Jenny (saker falcon)

We aim to show you these wonderful and graceful birds of prey in flight. 

With our various kinds of birds it will also be of great educational value.

Our interactive show is an amazing experience for the whole family, you not only get to see the birds, you will also have an opportunity to get up close and even touch them.  

JACK (desert eagle owl)
JACK (desert eagle owl)
  • You will see sensational flights from our peregrine-falcon "Jude", she flies so fast it makes you stop breathing.
  • You will not hear it when Jack & Teso fly over your heads. Their feathers are so soft, it makes no sound.
  • The vultures are huge and majestic birds - see them in flight.